Top 10 Must-Have Fashion Items

The greatest and worst thing about fashion is that it is constantly changing. When it comes to deciding which trends to follow and which to leave behind, it can get tricky.

I have discovered 10 items that are worth the investment. Below are the fashion must-haves that have proven to be both popular and fashionable at the moment and to be useful for months (and possibly years) to come.

Drop earrings:
Cocktail rings and long necklaces have long been trendy examples of statement jewelry and now earrings are getting the spotlight. Try to find earrings that are the perfect balance between bright and fun yet not too chunky and outrageous like these turquoise earrings from Forever 21.

Trench coats:
Trench coats are a classic and should always be a part of your closet. Stylists recommend finding a simple, long, rainproof trench coat so that it can be worn year after year. Colors such as black and camel are your best bet so that you can wear it with any outfit and to any occasion.

Tailored blazer:
Speaking of outerwear, a tailored blazer or jacket is definitely a fashion must-have. A chic and fitted blazer will never go out of style as it is always the key to adding professionalism to your look. Keep your chosen jacket simple and well-fitting, making sure that it is not too big in the shoulders to avoid a more casual and bulky look.

Neon items are a huge trend right now and it is easy to see why! Bright colors such as pinks, oranges and lime greens are being used on everything from skirts to clutches to T-shirts and they are a definite way to catch some attention. While I definitely recommend picking up some clothing in a neon color, some of you might not be so inclined to wear something that bright. If that’s the case, pick up some neon nail polish from a drug store!

Platform shoes:
These have been becoming very popular within the last few months. Since you will most likely be wearing these shoes to events as opposed to class, I suggest moving away from black and choosing colors that are trending like these platform pumps from Aldo in either orange or blue.

Printed denim items:
Printed denim is expected to be the "next big thing." Use items such as this Free People floral blazer and these black leopard pants from Aritzia as inspiration when you go on your next shopping trip!

Pastel jeans:
In addition to printed denim, jeans are also taking the pastel route this spring, particularly when it comes to mint green. Urban Outfitters is one of the many stores currently selling jeans in this newly-fashionable color. If colorful pants are not something that you would choose to wear, you can opt for a mint green top like this sweater from TopShop.

Sunglasses are always a must-have item; any girl should never be without her shades! When it comes to sunglasses, it is generally most important to find the right shape for your face, so be sure to get in front of a mirror and try on a vast variety of frames to see which one looks best. When it comes to style, bright and playful glasses are trending right now, so you can skip the basic black frames and have some fun!

Men's hats:
Androgynous items have been trending for the past few months, but hats are what it is currently all about. Driver’s hats and fedoras are the perfect way to accentuate any outfit and keep up with the androgynous trend. However if you still want to have that “girly” appeal, you can go for a more feminine version like this fedora with a bow from Urban Outfitters.

Cross-body bag:
A cross-body bag is the ultimate fashion must-have for college students because it is the most useful item you can buy. A small cross-body bag in a neutral color is the perfect accessory to have because it allows you to free up your arms. I find mine particularly useful when I am heading to class with my tote bag in one hand and my phone in the other or when I am going out to a club and want to keep my purse close to me at all times.


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