Top Five Productivity Apps for College Students

Have you recently upgraded to the Verizon iPhone or looking to enhance your existing smartphone? Check out these productivity applications for college students.

1) Oh Don't Forget: Schedule reminders for any occasion or thought, provide the précis  date and time you would like it to be delivered, and to the number you would like it to be delivered, and a text message will automatically be sent to your phone.

2) GradeFix: Takes homework planning and organization to a new level. With this application, your grades, homework, and schedule will all stay neatly organized and readily accessible, and will provide with other enhancements such as calculating time left until assignments are due.

3) MindGenius: Loose-leaf and notes are so easy to loose, but with this application, your ideas stay easily organized and accessible. Type your thoughts out into the software and arrange them as you work on essays or assignments.

4) My Note It: Ever want to share notes with friends or have notes at a time where you don’t have your computer or notebooks with you? With this website, you have the ability to take, edit search, and share your notes with yourself as well as your classmates.

5) TaDaList: Keep track of everything in your life without worrying about losing the to-do lists you make throughout the day, and check them off as you go along.


By Erin Cunningham, George Washington University




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