Trend Report: Adding Style to Your Tech Gadgets

So, you've landed your newest technology gadget of choice (finally).

While it's cool and hip to have an iPhone or iPad, you can add a sophisticated look to your new toy by getting a customized cover.
Not only do you want to have a cover to protect your phone/tablet, but it also is a way to represent your personality and style.
Getting a cover like this shows you pay attention to the details of your life, which shows you are attentive and cautious about your belongings.
Here are some cute and stylish options I've seen:
  • Lily Pulitzer: You can't go wrong with anything Lily. Ever.
  • Speck: A great selection of durable and sophisticated iPhone cases.
  • Neiman Marcus: Who can resist a good animal print iPad cover? I can't!
  • The Pink Monogram: You can choose the colors, fonts and pattern your cover for your iPhone/iPad/Kindle. So chic!

(Photo from Neiman Marcus)

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