Trend Report: Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are back in, y’all, and they are here to stay.

You don’t need to live in Texas to rock this look – with the right outfit, you can create a hip and fun summer outfit with little-to-no effort.
While it depends what kind of look you’re after, a nice tan or brown cowboy boot pretty much looks good with everything. I’ve even seen girls breaking the black vs. brown rule and wearing brown boots with black dresses and making it look totally adorable.
If you’re sick of wearing sandals and don’t want to put on heels, this is a great way to shake up your wardrobe. While it might be a little bit harder to find decently priced cowboy boots, it’s good to pay a little bit more money for a higher-quality shoe. You’ll want these to last a while.
Cowboy boots can be tricky to wear – you don’t want to look too much like a poser – so they look best paired with a fun, summer dress. Wearing jorts and cowboy boots is too much.
Honestly, the simpler the boot, the better. You will be able to find really flashy boots with lots of bright colors, but I think they look best when they are in basic colors with simple embroidery (such as the one pictured). You don't need sequins to make this boot cool –  it's cool in its own right.
So, my chic friends, go and find some cowboy boots and get ready to rock a great summer look!
P.S. Like the boot in the picture? I found it at Ariat.

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