Trend Report: Fancy High Top Sneakers

High-heeled stilettos and wedge boots sure are gorgeous, but when it comes time to run to class, a girl’s just got to have some flats.

Enter high-tops, the infinitely hipper alternative to your ballet flats and lowly Uggs.  A pair of colorful sneakers injects a touch of coolness to otherwise basic jeans and tees, making a bold statement à la cool kids M.I.A. and Lily Allen.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started— so push up those pant legs, lace up your kicks, and start turning heads on your walk to class.

Beg: Priced in the three figures, the Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Trainer Suede and Metallic Lace-Up Sneakers ($645, Saks Fifth Avenue) are definitely a purchase you need to be begging for. But the man behind the famous red sole knows what he’s doing in the sneaker department— these babies strike the perfect balance with flashy sparkle and a subtle color palette. 

Borrow: You might need to borrow some cash from your nest week’s allowance, but Puma’s The Key Prem Sequins Sneaker ($34, Amazon) is well worth it.  The sparkly laces give the shoes a vintage feel, and cool combo of gray and purple will coordinate with almost any color pants. 

Steal: At a cool $28, Glitter Santo High Top Sneakers ($28, Urban Outfitters) are a definite steal. Channel Dorothy in bright red, or practice your best moonwalk in sparkly silver. The best part: you can get them at your closest Urban… we’re sure you know exactly where it is.

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