Trend Report: Head Scarves

By now every college fashionista across the nation is aware of the dropping temperatures and record breaking storms headlining in the news this month; especially the ladies who have been experiencing it first hand.  February may be the shortest month of the winter, but no one ever guaranteed it would be the warmest. Staying warm through the fierce storms is a must, but everyone knows that bundling up can really damper your outfit… not to mention what the weather does to your hair.  If you are struggling with tangled tresses, this is one trent report you won’t want to miss.

This winter head scarves are the new head bands.  Looking for a fashionable way to trek across campus and cover up your freshly styled hair?  Cute, affordable, and totally the newest addition to Kourtney Kardashian’s New York wardrobe… headscarves will keep you warm while adding a trendy touch to your outfit for the day.  For a head scarf like Kourts, check out this In the Gardens Turban ($19.99) at  For other low cost scarves that you can afford in every color, make sure to check out head scarves like this Floral Trimmed Woven Scarf ($7.90), and many more at Forever21.  Head scarves saved us all this winter… now stormy days will never have to mean bad hair days again. 


By Kelly Leslie, San Francisco State University

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