Trend Report:

Do you have an innate love for vintage pictures? If you’re like me and appreciate the look of vintage pictures, but don’t have the money/time/skills to navigate an actual camera to get the settings just right, the app for iPhone is your best bet.

Using its different filter settings, you can turn any picture into something breathtaking and memorable.

It’s become more and more popular this year and has caught on to young 20-somethings especially. Businesses have also jumped on the bandwagon – including Jack Rogers with its @JackRogersGirlUSA Twitter account.

According to Mashable, has over 5 million users who upload more than 800,000 pictures daily.

It’s easy to understand why the eight-month-old application has taken flight. Through, it’s easy to fake camera or Photoshop skills and gives you a unique vantage point of what’s around you. One of my best friends has become completely obsessed with it – and I didn’t quite understand her fascination with the app until I saw the pictures on a larger screen.

Although I don’t have an iPhone, I’m crossing my fingers hoping for the day the Android version hits the market. If you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone, add this to your bag of tricks – you won’t regret it.

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