Trend Report: Keep Track of Your Memories in 280 Characters

Twitter was just the beginning. By explaining your status quo in 140 characters or less, it challenges users to be as concise as possible and to think more about their word choices. For those with busy schedules who want to interact with friends on the go, Twitter is perfect.

Now what if you took the idea of Twitter and turned it into a journaling website? That’s what the folks at 280daily did. It helps make journaling fun. It’s a super-private website that allots you 280 characters a day to write down what happened and even add a picture if you want.

It’s a website that’s catching on more and more, especially with the Twitter crowd. I never used to be interested in taking the time to sit down and write about my life – it was too time-consuming and often I didn’t know what to write. With 280daily, not only does it make journaling basically pain free, but it even sends me a daily reminder via email to journal.

If you’ve ever wondered what you did on a certain day, you can search by day or even type in keywords to figure it out. It tracks statistics for you on your average amount of words and even your most frequently used words.

For girls on the go, this is an effortless way to document your college years with just the click of a mouse.

— By Kara Apel, University of South Carolina Graduate

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