Trend Report: Must-Have Denim Essentials


Summer is coming to an end, and the weather isn’t the only thing that is going to be changing.  With a new school year, new classes, and even a new dorm room to look forward to, you’ll definitely want to know about all of the latest styles while making sure you add your own unique touch. Get ready to bring back the 90’s and accessorize the 2010 semester with denim – and LOTS of it.  From your clothing to your bedding, this is one trend that won't leave you feeling "blue.".

Looking for the perfect place to meet your greatest denim desires?  Anthropologie has it all.  From clothes to bedding, this is the go-to place for all of this season’s must-have denim essentials.  Already own a pair of their Pilcro Moto straight legged jeans ($98.00) and searching for another great denim find?  The only thing better is their new Habitual Talla trousers ($198.00), the perfect way to wear a pair of jeans with sophistication. Along with their famous jeans, you can also find a variety of chic denim pieces to add to your wardrobe like this fashionable jean splicing jacket ($128.00).  This takes the classic denim jacket to a whole new level. 

Reality check: You can also mix and match your jean accessories.  Not feeling the all denim jacket for the day but wish to give its unique look to your outfit?  You’ll definitely want to grab one of their three little roses headband ($32.00); and if you just can’t get enough of denim, don’t forget about their great home-goods section as well… your dorm room is sure to be the cutest on the hall with decorations like this sprouting denim pillow($78.00).  Rock on jean queen! With all these options, feeling "blue" is sure to be a positive thing!

–By Kelly Leslie, San Francisco State University

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