Trend Report: Parachute Pants


Bright colors and big hair may have made an obvious comeback this year (gee thanks, Jersey Shore), but one 2010 flashback trend that you may not be aware of is one that hasn’t hit the runways since the 1980’s.  For all you fashionistas who enjoy busting out your parents' old Prince and Bon Jovi CDs, be sure to pull out their vintage clothing as well because this trend is an oldie-but-a-goodie.  Parachute pants are back on this fall, and even MC Hammer can't touch this!

Recently spotted on the runway, these Vivienne Westwood navy blue bamboo trousers ($550.00) perfectly personify this totally tubular high-end style (although they aren’t exactly ideal for the budget of a college student).  Still searching for the perfect (affordable) pair of your own?  Modcloth has some gray ‘ideal in every way pants’ ($39.00) that will not only satisfy your hunger for parachute pants, but won’t break your bank.  If your looking for something vintage, try these black AVANTE GARDE ones from$32.99). Whether you're looking for a sophisticated outfit for your internship, or just something for a night on the town, these hot deals won't cause you to suffer a serious financial flashback.

— By Kelly Leslie, San Francisco State University

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