Trend Report: Rainbows Sandals

It’s the end of July, so it’s time to bust out your flip-flops and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

No matter where you decide to spend your summer months, it’s important to have sandals that are not only comfortable but cute.

Monogrammed sandals have been around for a while – but what if you could have high-quality sandals that fit to the form of your foot and are also monogrammed?

Rainbows ( makes one of the most comfortable sandals out there. The sponge rubber gradually adjusts to your foot, creating a sandal that has a “memory foam” of sorts. You might be deterred by the price – usually upwards of $30 – but they last forever and are a good investment.

Monogramming won’t work (or look good) on the traditional leather Rainbows but looks great on the hemp version. While you can’t purchase embroidery through the company directly, it’s really easy to find an embroidery store near you.

Not only are they a great way to look cool – but they can also be an adorable graduation or birthday present.

— By Kara Apel

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