Trend Report: Spice Up Your Space With Photos

Whether you want to add decoration to your bland dorm room walls or make yourself feel less homesick, printing photos can help you kill two birds with one stone.

Snapfish has teamed up with HP to give you the option of adding your own personal flair to your space without spending too much money.

One great example is the collegiate blankets the partnership offers which allows you to put both your university's logo and 30 of your favorite pictures on a blanket for $54.99.

This seriously might be one of the cutest dorm accessories I've seen in a while. Whether you decide to use this for yourself or buy as a gift for a friend, it's definitely an item that will add a special touch to any room.

Want to get the look but don't want to spend as much money?

Here's an idea: Get a bunch of pictures printed through Walmart or a similar store, buy scrapbook pages and make your own collages. Then, hang the scrapbook pages on your walls and arrange them as you see fit. You can probably keep this project under $20 based on how many pictures you want to use. I've done this in my room before and it adds a warm touch to your room. It's hard to be sad when you're surrounded by pictures of happy memories!

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