Twitter Chat Transcript: So You Want to Work at a TV Station?

Life On the Air: So You Want to Work At a TV Station?

For this Twitter chat on Thursday, April 26, we hosted Anchor/Reporter Sheli Muniz and Meteorologist Vicki Graf from WRDW-TV in Augusta, Ga., to learn more about the broadcast industry.

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Hello and welcome to our #UChicJobTips chat with @SheliWRDW and @VickiGrafWRDW. Who’s all here? Introduce yourself! :)U Chic
Weekend Meteorologist at WRDW. Graduated w/ met degree at Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univ. @UniversityChic #uchicjobtipsVicki Graf
@UniversityChic #uchicjobtips Hi girls! I graduated from Univ of Florida and I became a reporter and weekend anchor at WrdW soon afterSheli Muniz
Hi! I’m Morgan, the @UniversityChic Social Media Editor tweeting from DC tonight! #UChicJobTipsmorgan
Hi! So excited about this chat! Megan O’Connell, 21, blogger for UChic! #uchicjobtips #uchicjobtipsMegan O’Connell
joining #uchicjobtips convo on reporter/tv industry tips – graduating in 2 wks from #americanu broadcastjourno degree video editing bkgroundEmily Roseman
1st Q: What made you decide to go into TV? @VickiGrafWRDW @SheliWRDW #uchicjobtipsU Chic
@UniversityChic #uchicjobtips I decided on TV when I realized I was nosy…I mean curious…. About life and people so I became a reporterSheli Muniz
I’ve always loved weather. Had a great school experience & internship at tv station MT @UniversityChic: Why tv? #uchicjobtipsVicki Graf
@VickiGrafWRDW Did your internship help you besides helping you make the decision to go into TV? #UChicJobTipsmorgan
@reidmore_blog I was able to put together a resume tape. Also saw tv aspect rather than just weather side. #uchicjobtipsVicki Graf
#UChicJobTips That’s awesome! I would love to give sideline reporting a shot like Erin Andrews #UChicJobTipsAshley Tripp
@ashley_tripp I’m so jealous of Erin Andrews and her job! #uchicjobtips #uchicjobtipsU Chic
Me too 🙂 @UniversityChic: @ashley_tripp I’m so jealous of Erin Andrews and her job! #uchicjobtipsVicki Graf
How did you land your first job? @VickiGrafWRDW @SheliWRDW #uchicjobtipsU Chic
@UniversityChic #uchicjobtips I actually got my job because of my internship!!! One of the reporters I Interned for worked where I am now!Sheli Muniz
Friend in college told me about job opening in Dothan, Al. I applied & got it! @UniversityChic: How did u land your first job #uchicjobtipsVicki Graf
What advice do you have for women trying to get into the industry? @VickiGrafWRDW @SheliWRDW #uchicjobtipsU Chic
Making contacts is key! RT @UniversityChic: What advice do you have for women trying to get into the industry? #uchicjobtipsVicki Graf
@SheliWRDW @VickiGrafWRDW Going along with that question-any advice on landing internships in the industry? #uchicjobtipsMegan O’Connell
Most stations offer internships. If accepted, try to make an impression. WRDW has hired interns! @meg_ocon in the industry? #uchicjobtipsVicki Graf
@meg_ocon #uchicjobtips I would try to make more contact than just an email.You have to sell them on giving you an internshipSheli Muniz
@UniversityChic #uchicjobtips there is an overwhelming amount of women in the industry… How can you make yourself stand out?Sheli Muniz
Apply to several, wouldn’t hurt to follow up with news director after applying. @meg_ocon #uchicjobtipsVicki Graf
@VickiGrafWRDW @SheliWRDW what has surprised you most about your career in TV News? #UChicJobTipsmorgan
How much work goes into each newscast, and they are mostly 30 min shows! @reidmore_blogVicki Graf
@VickiGrafWRDW and @SheliWRDW Any advice on how to stand out from other applicants? #uchicjobtipsMegan O’Connell
@meg_ocon #uchicjobtips standing out… How are you different than ever other reporter?Sheli Muniz
I think it’s also finding a niche – finding out what you have a passion for reporting on! @meg_ocon #uchicjobtipsU Chic
@UniversityChic I was just at a @spj_tweets conference and several speakers stressed the importance of finding a niche! #uchicjobtipsMegan O’Connell
@meg_ocon what are your post-grad plans? #UChicJobTipsmorgan
@reidmore_blog My post-grad plan is to find a career that allows me to simultaneously write and make a positive difference! #uchicjobtipsMegan O’Connell
@sheliWRDW & @VickiGrafWRDW how many internships do you recommend for an aspiring reporter, pre-graduation? #uchicjobtipsKelly Leslie
@KellyyLeslie #uchicjobtips I don’t think it’s the quantity of the internships but rather how much you take advantage of them.Sheli Muniz
I agree with @SheliWRDW – quality wins over quantity every day for me! Getting the clips for your portfolio is what matters! #uchicjobtipsU Chic
I just had one. It’s good to keep in contact with station once internship is over. @UniversityChic #uchicjobtipsVicki Graf
@UniversityChic @SheliWRDW @KellyyLeslie Popping in! Definitely get meaningful internships #uchicjobtipsTracey Rector
@UniversityChic #uchicjobtips You should have a true desire to tell a story.. Prove it to land your 1st job, internshipSheli Muniz
@SheliWRDW thanks for the input! So many people are focused on quantity these days, #stressful! #uchicjobtipsKelly Leslie
What’s one thing about being a meteorologist that people often misunderstand? @VickiGrafWRDW #uchicjobtipsU Chic
Ppl say we’re always wrong. Wx is always changing, hard to be 100%. Baseball players aren’t 100% either & they make more! @UniversityChicVicki Graf
@UniversityChic @VickiGrafWRDW @SheliWRDW do you ever find it difficult to break in/find your voice in the newsroom as a woman #uchicjobtipsEmily Roseman
@eroseman @universitychic #uchicjobtips Emily, I think you will find your voice in your first job.That’s where you will also find your nicheSheli Muniz
@UniversityChic @SheliWRDW @eroseman And while finding your niche, also be a jack of all trades in some ways too #uchicjobtipsTracey Rector
@eroseman I don’t see a difference. Our newsroom is mostly women. I’m seeing more females getting jobs in this profession nowadaysVicki Graf
@VickiGrafWRDW How do you deal with the criticism from when people critize you about that? #uchicjobtipsU Chic
@UniversityChic #uchicjobtips you deal with criticism but admitting that everyone will have an opinion about u good or bad! Just acceptingSheli Muniz
@UniversityChic you develop thick skin. people are going to voice their opinions, you have to take it with a grain of saltVicki Graf
@VickiGrafWRDW @UniversityChic Great advice! I tend to get too stressed out over negative feedback. #uchicjobtipsMegan O’Connell
@meg_ocon me too. I am a people pleaser but I realize you can’t please everybodyVicki Graf
There’s always going to be haters – be above it and keep it classy! Re: negative feedback #uchicjobtipsU Chic
What’s one thing about being on TV that people don’t understand? @VickiGrafWRDW @SheliWRDW #uchicjobtipsU Chic
@UniversityChic they assume since we work in TV we make a lot of money, not the caseVicki Graf
Haha very true! RT @VickiGrafWRDW: @UniversityChic they assume since we work in TV we make a lot of money, not the case #uchicjobtipsU Chic
@UniversityChic #uchicjobtips I have to agree with Vicki.It doesn’t equal money at all!! Passion becomes driving force. Because $ isnt thereSheli Muniz
@SheliWRDW @UniversityChic I love that. Reporting is such a w

onderful yet huge responsibility that requires passion #uchicjobtipsTracey Rector

@UniversityChic @VickiGrafWRDW @SheliWRDW one thing i learned from past internship was dealing w. first mistakes on job, what was yoursEmily Roseman
@eroseman one of the nice things about starting at a smaller market is that what’s where you can make your mistakesVicki Graf
@eroseman I learned that you’ve got to be assertive. There will be times when you have to defend your work! #uchicjobtipsU Chic
Here’s our last Q: What do you wish you knew before graduating? @vickigrafwrdw @sheliwrdw #uchicjobtipsU Chic
@UniversityChic #uchicjobtips Good ?. that the most I will learn will be falling on my face in 1st job. Make sure your job has resources.Sheli Muniz
Agree with @SheliWRDW – you will fall down (a lot), but it’s how you get back up that matters! #uchicjobtipsU Chic
@UniversityChic every station is different. While your experience at one station might not be great, it doesn’t hurt to try a different oneVicki Graf
@VickiGrafWRDW is right! If you don’t like a job, you don’t have to stay! Don’t be afraid to walk away from a bad situation! #uchicjobtipsU Chic
@UniversityChic @VickiGrafWRDW so interesting 2 here abt ur experiences & industry…what is your most fav part of ur job? #uchicjobtipsJill
@Jill_Ravae The people! Not only my coworkers but it’s neat meeting the viewers. Esp after a severe wx event & you find out you helped pplVicki Graf
Thank you to everyone for joining us tonight! We’ve loved having you here! #uchicjobtipsU Chic
Thank you @SheliWRDW and @VickiGrafWRDW for your advice! 🙂 #uchicjobtipsU Chic
Thanks so much for chatting with us! #uchicjobtipsKelly Leslie
Thanks so much to @SheliWRDW and @VickiGrafWRDW for being wonderful guests! Such great advice #UChicJobTipsmorgan
@UniversityChic @VickiGrafWRDW thx 4 it time & advice…great tips & information! 🙂 #uchicjobtipsJill
Thank you @VickiGrafWRDW & @SheliWRDW for all the great advice! Also, @UniversityChic for hosting another great chat! #uchicjobtipsMegan O’Connell
This was fun, let me know if you all have any other questions! @KellyyLeslie: Thanks so much for chatting with us! #uchicjobtipsVicki Graf

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