Twitter Users All College Students Should Follow

In our travels in the Twit-verse, we came across this article from, listing the top 9 Twitter handles every college student should follow and it got us thinking about creating a list of our own, so here it is. Here's some Twitter users we think you (and your parents) should follow. Don't forget to join in on our @UniversityChic #UChic Twitter Tuesday Chats beginning on Thursday, July 14 at 9 p.m. ET. 

@UniversityChic – Twitter is sometimes about shameless promotion, so our first Twitter to follow follows right along that thread with our own handle. We bring you advice, share our articles and will soon bring you real-time conversations about issues that affect each and every one of you on a day to day basis. 

The Editorial Board – This list has all the Editorial Board members' Twitter handle, for those who have Twitter. You can follow them individually or on the list. 

The Single Woman – a great Twitter handle for those looking to get over a break-up. 

OurTime – This blog is for all people under 30 and it trys to inform and organize these individuals about their choices in politics and their personal lives. 

GirlDictionary – A hiliarious (and often snarky) feed that will help you feel good about yourself and perhaps share a laugh, or two, with your friends. 

Who do you follow? Share them with us here or on Twitter. 

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