U Chic Approved: ‘All Work, No Pay’ by Intern Queen Lauren Berger

​By U Chic Managing Editor Kara Apel

Many of us hear the same dribble over and over again from our professors: "Find an internship if you want to get a job."

While we appreciate their advice, most of the time they don't really tell us how to find those internships in today's workforce. Often, their advice can be outdated.

Sometimes, when I was in college, I wish I had that cool older sister to help show me the way to find success in my future field.

That's where Lauren Berger, AKA the Intern Queen, comes in.

Throughout her book, "All Work, No Pay," Lauren explains not only how to apply for internships but also what you need to do during AND after your internships. It's all the advice you could ever hope for and more!

Complete with charts to help get your internship search progress organized, Lauren gets into the nitty-gritty of what it's like being an intern in today's world. One of the most important chapters explains your legal rights as an intern and what you can do to protect yourself.

Lauren's stories and advice are so inspiring and great. Even if you've graduated already and aren't looking for an internship, the advice she offers can still apply to the job search and how you should act in a professional setting.

I definitely recommend this book to all college women who are looking to further their careers. I have not read advice from anyone who really understands this process like Lauren does and it is definitely worth the read!


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