U Chic Approved: Amy’s Kitchen Frozen Meals

By Emma Martin, Student at Ithaca College

While eating whole, homecooked meals should be a predominant part of EVERY chicster's diet, we understand that sometimes it's so much easier to throw a box into a microwave. With our busy lifestyles and summers packed full of part-time jobs and internships, I meet you with a compromise for lunches and dinners in the frozen variety.

Amy's Kitchen is an organic frozen foods company that I pledge allegiance to. The choices are ALL vegetarian and are predominantly nut-free. Gluten-free and vegan choices are among the healthy selections. The food is GOOD, and I'm able to avoid all of my allergies (I'm allergic to eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish) in all of the meals (some of the veggie burgers have tree nuts, however).

I have never tasted a more delicious frozen meal, and they are filling. Many of the meals are marked as low sodium, which is something very difficult to find in the freezer aisle. The meals are typically low in calories and are the perfect serving size for a single eater. A meat-eater myself, I sometimes add a bit of grilled chicken to make the meals more substantial, but often, this is not necessary.

Amy's list of choices is incredible, including authentic-tasting Asian, Indian and all-American food. They have candies, deserts, pizzas, soups and burritos … and so much more! Check out Amys.com or find their meals in most grocery stores.

This product is amazing for people with dietary restrictions or for people who just like easy-to-make delicious food. Plus, it's a healthier option with organic ingredients that you can actually pronounce.

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