U Chic Approved: College Workout Essentials

By Ashley Yenick, Student at Merrimack College

I’m a fitness junkie! I'll admit it! I love finding out the newest fitness workouts, healthy diets and workout gear. However, when it comes to being motivated, it’s pretty hard to stick to one routine because I get bored easily. I’m always looking on Pinterest in the Health & Fitness section to change up my workout routines.

I thought about it and maybe it wasn’t just my workouts that were boring, maybe it was my workout gear! I know summer is just around the corner, and it’s going to be coming up fast, so I’ve gathered some of my favorite workout essentials that will keep you motivated toward your fitness goal!

#1: A Fierce, Inspirational Tank Top

I absolutely love this tank top from Cassey Ho! She’s a Pilates instructor who has this great website called Blogilates.com, and she posts all of these great workouts and works out along with you. Her workouts are effective and hard at the same time so you get a good workout!

This tank top from Cassey Ho says, "Train like a Beast, Look like a Beauty." I think this tank top is cute and inspirational to get you moving on days that you’re unmotivated to work out, not to mention, it's college girl budget friendly at only $20! You can buy the tank tops and other inspirational fitness T-shirts here.

#2: A Great Pair of Running Sneakers

These Nike Free Run 3’s are so cute! They’ve been all over Pinterest lately and I’ve seen them on tons of fitness gurus. People SWEAR by these beauties! Although these are a bit pricey (they come to about $100), they’re worth it!

Nike is a trusted brand that will last you for a long time. I’ve had one pair of Nike sneakers for three years, and I’m just now getting a new pair. These running shoes are light and flexible, so it improves your running speed. You can also use these sneakers for walking as well. They literally come in any color imaginable, and they’re available at all sporting good stores: Modell’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sports Authority. A brightly-colored pair of running shoes like these cute ones from Nike will definitely motivate me!

#3: Workout Leggings/Shorts

If you’re looking for gear that’s cheap and cute, Forever 21 is where it’s at! These leggings and shorts are a cheap alternative for LuLu Lemon gear and Under Armour. These leggings and shorts make it easy to run in and do Pilates in, and they don’t break your bank. Each of these items is under $15!

#4: A Great Workout App

The Nike Training App and Map My Walk are two great apps that you can use for your workouts. In addition to watching Cassey Ho and Amanda Russell’s YouTube videos, I use the Nike Training App and the Map My Walk App. The Nike App has workouts from celebrity athletes such as Hope Solo to regular workouts that take each move and time it so that it’s like you actually have your own personal trainer. The Map My Walk App is good for girls who like to walk or who like to measure their distances when walking or running. This app keeps track of your pace and tells you how many miles you’ve walked or ran while keeping the time. These apps are both great to use if you’re looking for more motivation!

Image from Nike.com

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