U Chic Approved: Curl Keeper

By Briana Luca, Student at Iona College

With warmer months ahead of us, young women are starting to get concerned with their wardrobe, their bikini body and a multitude of other things.

The thing I’m becoming worried about? My curly, frizzy hair.

From May through August, the humidity is my mortal enemy, as I assume it is for a lot of girls who have thick manes. A flat iron raking in at 400 degrees is simply just not an option when it’s 90 degrees outside.

Some could say you could leave your hair naturally curly, but then you’ll look like an adult Simba. It’s simply a lose-lose in most cases.

Well, behold college women everywhere, I found something that will make deciding what to do with your hair a lot easier!

Curly Hair Solutions is a line of products that helps out women with unruly hair. Its product Curl Keeper has been a lifesaver of mine.

It’s a water-based curling activator that you apply to your wet hair. After applying it, don’t touch your hair until it starts to curl. As soon as your hair dries, the curls will be soft and free of frizz.

The curls are natural looking and will hold for a few days until your next wash. Because it’s water based, there isn’t a buildup of product, so your hair doesn’t get greasy.

Curl Keeper has been my one and only friend during the winter months when I’m too lazy to blow dry and straighten my hair, and I know that this summer, I’m going to stock up on it.

Image from Cury Hair Solutions

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