U Chic Approved: The Dream Cream

By Laura Iglehart, Student at Georgetown University

Dry skin? Oily skin? Acne prone? Sensitive to the sun? Worried about wrinkles?

If you checked “yes” to any of these facial imperfections, BB Cream is your solution! BB Cream, or Beauty Balm, acts as a five-in-one answer to any facial imperfections. Between moisturizing, controlling oil, priming and perfecting complexion and protecting against sun damage and premature wrinkling, BB Cream has quickly evolved into the hottest new beauty product.

Having recently stumbled upon this makeup trend, I asked a friend for a recommendation. She recommended Smashbox’s Camera Ready BB Cream. After waiting two weeks for my backordered BB Cream, I replaced my morning moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation with this new product to see if it could really live up to its name.

Having test-driven this cream for a week, I can say that it really does have it all! Being very fair-skinned, I appreciate the wide variety of colors offered, ranging from fair (me!) to dark. The cream also offers SPF 35, which allows me to skip the daily pre-makeup sunscreen.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this “wonder cream,” is that it controls the mid-afternoon sheen we all suffer from. Instead of wearing off and giving way to facial oil, the BB Cream controls the oil throughout the day. Now, instead of applying moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation, I opt for my BB Cream, a light dusting of powder and a swoop of mascara to complete my morning routine.

With its five amazing, time (and money) saving properties, it’s no wonder this BB Cream is sold out everywhere!

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