U Chic Approved: Everything Estee Lauder

By Megan O’Connell, Student at University of Wisconsin – Platteville

Estee Lauder isn’t just your mother’s makeup anymore.

I know what you’re thinking … "Yes, it is." When my mother started working for Estee Lauder and suggested I try their products, I was hesitant. After a few nights of moisturizing with Hydrationist and applying Advanced Night Repair to everything from dark spots and blemishes, I was hooked.

Not only do they have fabulous skin care products, but their fall makeup line treads on water your mother might not even dare to try. With dark and twisted lipsticks and nail polishes with names like “Gun Metal," "Forbidden Apple" and "Electric Mauve," you’re sure to be the belle of whatever ball you may be attending this fall. The website doesn’t have these products online yet, but look for them at your local department store and stock up before you have to go back to school. These are products you’ll want to be bragging to your friends about. Don’t believe me? Try them for yourself.

Need another reason to try out Estee Lauder products? To date, Estee Lauder has raised over $380 million to support breast cancer research across the globe. U Chic loves companies that support a good cause!

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