U Chic Approved: HBO’s ‘Girls’

By Emma Martin, Student at Ithaca College

My current TV obsession is HBO’s award winning series "Girls." I watched the first series in a span of about two days (with only 10 30-minute episodes, it did not take long to catch up), and was immediately hooked.

The show, written by Lena Dunham, is roughly based on her own experiences. Perhaps that is exactly why it is so easy to fall in love with the series — it holds true.

"Girls" has received some criticism for its racy material, but A) It’s HBO! What do you expect? and B) It’s honest. Often deemed the real "Sex & the City," the show follows a small group of 20-something-year-old girlfriends as they take on New York City post-graduation. This proves far from glamorous as the girls struggle to pay rent, struggle to find work, eat out of their parents’ refrigerators with their hands (ahem, Hannah) and attend parties at warehouses (nothing ritzy about these warehouses).

"Girls" can provide a character for any viewer. Are you a Hannah, a struggling writer desperate to make it on her own who is often plagued by her flaws and lack of rationale? Are you more like Jessa, a free-spirit Bohemian? Perhaps you’re a Marnie, a determined, put-together girl who becomes unraveled by her choice to end her college relationship? Or are you Shoshanna, innocent, sweet and slightly neurotic?

Each character is well crafted — full of relatable and hilarious faults and unique quirks. And these girls IMMEDIATELY become your best friends, too. You wince at their relationship failures, sigh along with their financial woes and laugh at their silliness.

The thing that truly sets "Girls" apart from other shows is that it truly focuses on women being FRIENDS. The strong characters in this show are not mortal archenemies, cattily plotting against one another (although, remember, with all friendships, fights do ensue!) They are supportive of one another.

So if you want a show with relatable characters, real storylines and good laughs, "Girls" is the perfect Sunday night indulgence. Just remember, it’s not always "pretty" growing up, so if you’re looking for white picket fences, this is not the place for you.

Image from the “Girls” Facebook page

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