U Chic Approved: Inner Balance

By Ashley Yenick, Student at Merrimack College

We all know that college takes us to a new stress level.

Whether you’re graduating or still juggling classes, it takes a toll on you. So, how do you relieve that stress? The answer is simple: the new Inner Balance app from HeartMath.

I received the attachments I needed from HeartMath to fully understand the Inner Balance app. In my kit, I received an accessory called an "Inner Balance Sensor" that attaches to the bottom of your iPhone and a headphone-like design with an earlobe sensor (see above photo).

Now it may sound weird, but trust me, it works! This app uses iOS technology to help you regulate your heartbeat. The earlobe sensor is connected to the accessory at the bottom of your iPhone. During your session, you must attach the earlobe sensor to your earlobe to allow the app to help you regulate your heart. Next, you open the app and you’re brought to the main screen. The main screen gives you an overview of what the app is designed to do. Inner Balance is able to start sessions in which you breathe for three minutes at a time using the colored wheel. They also have different scenes like a waterfall or other moving animations to help you regulate your heartbeat (see below photo).

The Inner Balance app gives you directions on how to breathe, and you can reach different coherences, which helps you ease stress and focus on your heart rate. There are difference coherences, such as red (for low coherence), blue (for medium coherence) and green (for high coherence). You can also pick which mood that you’re in, whether you’re stressed, anxious, peaceful, happy or sad. After your session, you’re given a score on your coherence, your achievement and the length of your session. The graphs below reveal your scores.

The photo above is from my actual session that I conducted. I did several different sessions this week because I was feeling stressed at the time, and I could safely say that after using Inner Balance, I felt my stress level go down and felt content. During the session, they also say to focus on a positive thought and continuing on the positive or calm feeling lets you relieve stress.

This app can be used if you have events coming up in your life that make you stressed. After these sessions over time, you should feel generally happier and healthier.

I will definitely be using Inner Balance to help me become less stressed!

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