U Chic Approved: Jergens Natural Glow

By Emma Martin, Student at Ithaca College

It’s a new year, and all of us are optimistic about the prospect of new chances and new beginnings. We typically gather with friends dressed in our best to celebrate the year past while also welcoming the opportunities presented by the year to come.

To many, it is crucial to look one’s best at these events. Glitter and sequins fall from curve-hugging dresses, leaving behind paths of sparkles for miles. I like my sparkle to go beyond that of my dress or eye shadow. As an particularly pale girl, I know the importance of a nice, healthy glow — especially while toasting in the new year! And because New Year's Eve falls within the month of January (when the sun has been hiding for months), I am straight out of luck. And without fail, my friends will relentlessly snap photos all night long, immortalizing my zombie hue.

Let me emphasize, I embrace my paleness. You can be light-skinned and beautiful, and there is nothing wrong with a natural appearance. However, when winter rolls around, I have to say that a nice, sun-kissed glow just makes me look so much healthier and more awake!

I first came across Jergens Natural Glow my freshmen year at college while wandering the aisles of Target. I know, natural tanner is scary, and I felt the same apprehension then. I, too, have seen the orange streaky results of bad self-tanners. I was anxious after my first application but was pleasantly surprised when my face appeared sun kissed and not fried or Willy Wonka-esque. The product only adds a slight glow over time. Plus, it’s also a moisturizer with SPF in it, so I simply use it at the end of my morning routine once or twice a week.

If you’re looking for a glow to match your new glittery dress and your buoyant curls, just apply some before you put your makeup on for the night. It won’t drastically change your color, but it will add a bit of color where needed.

Happy new year!

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