U Chic Approved: MirrorCase for iPhone

By Briana Luca, Student at Iona College

There is a new, innovative way to take pictures from your iPhone, and it’s called the MirrorCase.

MirrorCase is a sleek case that allows the image that you are photographing to be reflected back toward the phone. It allows for a more natural way of taking a picture because you hold your iPhone horizontally, not in front of your face. In order to use MirrorCase, you have to download the free app that will activate the mirrored camera. The app and case work together to give you great pictures.

After using the camera while I had the MirrorCase on, I could see why it would be appealing.

It definitely takes some getting used to because holding your phone horizontally and trying to focus in on the subject matter is difficult. It could make you a little dizzy while trying to look at your screen to see where the camera is aimed but after a few tries, it gets easier.

I think the case is great for people who really enjoy taking pictures and struggle with not having a digital camera with them. If you’re out at night and don’t feel like having a dinosaur digital camera with you, this case was made for you.

It’s great for a college student who is always snapping away but missing the Kodak moments as they pass because they always have their phone in front of their nose.

The MirrorCase is priced at $50 and is definitely cool and useful. It makes for a great photo accessory!

Image from MirrorCase website

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