U Chic Approved: Neutrogena’s All-in-1 Acne Control Daily Scrub

By Ashley Yenick, Student at Merrimack College

I was in Target a few weeks back, frustrated with my acne and looking for something to help.

I’ve been to a dermatologist that had suggested many different products for my face, but the products my dermatologist suggested just dried out my skin and gave me even more acne.

I was looking for an acne product that would get rid of my acne scars, prevent new acne and get rid of the current ones I have. Often times, acne medicine companies have kits or sets that go for high prices containing three or more products, and they cost over $30! As a college student, I was looking for something inexpensive.

I found this Neutrogena product for under $6 at Target and decided to give it a try. I was running out of options and was desperate to get rid of my acne. This product promises to: “Fade the look of past acne marks, clear present breakouts and prevent future breakouts," and I can say with confidence that it really does!

I’ve used this product for about two weeks now, and my skin has changed dramatically. My acne scars have faded a little bit, I’ve had very few breakouts and my skin feels smooth. The product says to use it twice a day, so I usually wash my face in the morning in the shower and at night after I was my makeup off and go to bed.

This daily scrub works like any normal scrub. I would recommend taking a nickel-sized amount of product into your hand and work it into a lather with a little bit of water. I should warn you, though, to not scrub too hard, because it can make your skin blotchy afterwards if you do.

I recommend this product to any girl that’s struggling with acne!

[Image from Neutrogena.com]

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