U Chic Approved: Nivea Creme

By Brianna Pennella, Student at Ithaca College

Nivea is no new brand in the skin care scene. For years, it’s been a trusted line of lip, body and bath products.

Since high school, I have sworn by Nivea. With sensitive skin and distaste for oily lotions, this brand quickly became my go-to. Their lotions leave your skin feeling fresh, clean, unclogged and untainted by an overpowering vanilla or lavender scent. In a brand packed with wonderful products, one item from their line of lotions is truly a cut above the rest.

Nivea Creme, a cream lotion that comes in a screw-top tub, is the stand-out product I’d love to tell you more about. Like most lotion users, my standard was, and to some extent still is, the pump-bottle lotion. That is, of course, until my art teacher changed me for life with Nivea Creme.

The thicker version of the lotion may be intimidating at first, but ultimately is (gasp) better than the squeeze bottle! By scooping small amounts out of the jar, it is easier to control how much you use and avoid the dreaded over-lotioning that leads to moisturizing your hand towels and pants legs as well. Not to mention as fabulous un-oily as the lotion is, the creme is even better.

The jar is easily re-sealable, which makes it much easier to transport when packing up things to travel to and from school. Self-locking pump tops run the risk of popping open or wasting a handful of product. The jar’s top keeps it safe and sound with zero chance of spillage.

If you’re looking for something to keep in your purse, Nivea Creme also comes in a travel-sized container that snaps closed. No chance of this little guy exploding in your designer bag!

While I do still use the traditional lotion, I’ve found that I can’t leave home without the to-go creme in my purse or pocket. I promise that investing in one of these wonderful little creme lotions, priced at just 99 cents at CVS, will not disappoint you. It may even turn you away from pump bottles for good!

So give Nivea Creme a sample next time you’re picking up your cosmetic care refills and let your skin decide.

Image from NIVEA.com

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