U Chic Approved: Postalpix

By Ashley Yenick, Student at Merrimack College

If you’re like me, you’re constantly on the newest and coolest social media apps. For us right now, the hottest app is Instagram. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a social media app that lets you share your photos with your friends. This exciting app has many filters you can use for your photos and it’s a cool way to share your life with friends.

There are so many apps for Instagram that you can use to get new effects or put type over photos, but I found an app that’s much cooler than that!

I stumbled upon PostalPix one day while looking through Pinterest (Let’s face it, everyone’s always on there too!) and found a website called Postalpix.com. Postalpix is an app that you can download that can turn your Instagram photos into printed pictures!

If that’s not awesome enough, pictures can be printed for as low as 21 cents! All you have to do is send your Instagram pics to the app, select the pictures that you want and presto! You can now have them delivered to your house for you to enjoy!

I think this app is great because you can make collages of your printed Instagram pics for your dorm walls, apartment walls and even your walls at home! This app will come in handy on school breaks and during the summertime when you capture pics with your friends. These can also be cool birthday gifts, because not only does Postalpix print Instagram pics on paper, but they can also print them on iPhone cases or on aluminum (which comes with sticky tape or a magnet so you can put them on the refrigerator or in a frame).

After finding this app, I will definitely be ordering prints of some of my Instagram pics from over the summer. I think this is a fun and cool new app for chicsters to use and get in touch with their creative side!

Happy Instagram-ing!

http://postalpix.com/[Image from PostalPix.com]

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