U Chic Approved: Rakuda’s Companion Backpack

By Rachael Smith, Alumna of Radford University

When college students hear the word backpack, we usually think of school and books, right? Well, it doesn’t always have to be that way!

Backpacks can also be used for fun things like camping, beach trips, music festivals or a weekend trip to see college friends over the summer. These are the things that make a backpack helpful, and when you use it for some many purposes, its important to invest in a truly awesome backpack that will last.

That’s why Rakuda's Companion Backpack is so cool! This bag is seriously never ending. There is so much space for any odds and ends you need for your trip to wherever! I took my Companion Backpack to the mountains this weekend, and normally, I would get annoyed when everyone wanted to stuff their things in my bag, but I didn’t care this time because my Rakuda backpack has so many pockets and is so spacious.

It’s the perfect bag for us 20-somethings because it’s cute and chic, but also adventurous and durable! This is such a great investment because it’s going to last throughout whatever the outdoors throw your way. The top-quality canvas and leather make it great for everyday use.

I literally just threw my Chacos, Rainbows, iPod, books, journal, sunscreen, snacks and drinks into my bag and had tons of space leftover. Don’t believe me? Check one out for yourself!

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