U Chic Approved: Skin Care Products

By Kelly Leslie, Student at San Francisco State University

The Fourth of July may have passed in a flash, but that doesn't mean that summer is over yet. There is still plenty of time to romp around in the sun but don't forget to protect your skin while you do!

Skin care is essential this time of year because we are constantly out and about, exposing our skin to the bright summer rays.

Here are a few of the go-to products I never leave my house without:

VitaZing Energy-Boosting, tinted moisturizer is the first thing I use every day, whether or not I am wearing makeup. Made by Origins, this lightweight moisturizer is made out of Mangosteen, which is full of antioxidants. It's hydrating, energizing and will leave you with a fresh, sun-kissed glow. What more could you need? The best part is, it's SPF 15. This moisturizer is perfect for all of you fashionistas who enjoy the fabulous summer look of bare skin but want to protect your face while you're at it. Apply it before you leave the house and feel free to enjoy the warm rays on your skin. Pick up your own bottle at any Origins skin care store for $35.

Do you just so happen to live in a city with a short supply of sunshine? I do! I love San Francisco, but my skin rarely sees the sun. Saying that I miss my Southern California glow would be an understatement, but over the past three years, I have learned how to fake it. My favorite self-tanner is Faux Tan from Bare Escentuals. After just one use, I noticed a bright difference. It gradually gives you the fresh vacation tan you want without giving you that awkward orange tint. I especially love that it always leaves my skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. Now you can protect your skin, ditch the tanning bed and get your glow from home. Faux Tan is available at any Bare Escentuals store for $18.

I love a bright lip color during the summer, but at the same time I want to make sure my lips are protected. Most lip tints don't provide the right amount of moisturizer needed to keep your lips looking smooth throughout the hot summer months. That's why I use Burt's Bees tinted lip balm. It keeps my lips feeling hydrated, while giving them some color. It is available in a variety of different colors at any drug store for $7.

[Image from Origins]

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