U Chic Approved: Sorority Girl Wine Glass

By Briana Luca, Student at Iona College

Finding gifts for your sorority sisters or the sorority girl in your life seems like it wouldn’t be a difficult task, but after a few years of lettered T-shirts, crafted picture frames and phone cases, buying something unique for a sorority girl can be a little difficult.

What do you get the girl who has everything?

Designs by Lolita has the perfect solution to this dilemma.

The company has created a special wine glass hand decorated for the special sorority gal. The new design is geared toward “It Girls” who ooze charisma, generosity and speak to the highest standards of sisterhood.

The wine glass is beautiful; it features an ancient Greek building as the background with the words Sorority Girl printed on the front, fit with Greek letters. There are designs featuring a paddle with the word rush painted across it and a Greek goddess wearing a toga.

There are words painted onto the glass as well, symbolizing everything it means to be a sorority girl such as sisters, philanthropy and various Greek letters.

The glass is beautifully painted with bright colors and is a nice size. I can see how really any sorority girl would adore it.

The glass is priced at $24.25, has a 15-ounce capacity and is handwash only to protect the fine hand painting. The other great feature of all Lolita glasses is that it comes with a special drink recipe on the bottom, great for a night in with the girls.

So whether it’s or a birthday, big/little reveal or just another day in your sorority, this is a perfect gift. You can order yours at www.designsbylolita.com.

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