U Chic Approved: Summer Sandals

By Olivia Lawnick, Student at Newberry College

Image from Chacos.com

Now that warm weather is finally here, it's time to pull the sandals out. Using your old flip-flops from last year is not a bad idea, but shopping for new ones is always a better (and more fun) one!

If you are a sneaker and sports kind of girl like me, your first foot pick might not be the strappy sandals. Thank goodness for options, and there are a ton when it comes to flip-flops and summer footwear! 

Old Navy

For a pair of go-to sandals, check out Old Navy's $5 flip-flopswhich come in a variety of colors. My sister loves them because you can have a pair for each outfit. Yes, they might be cheap, but quality is not why you bought these. However, they are still a good buy if you just want something fast or won't actually be wearing shoes much at all. These are perfect for trips to the beach or the pool!


If you are looking for something more durable and comfortable, I suggest taking a look at Reef's Fanning Sandal. I have had a pair for three summers now. Even though they are more expensive at $50, the value of the product is worth it. Thanks to the soft and thick straps, no breaking-in is needed and they're gentle on your feet. No need to worry about blisters after you have had these on all day! The air-pocketed heel provides extra cushion and is extremely comfortable. Reefs also come with bottle openers on the soles, which is a very handy feature. I highly recommend these flip-flops!


Chacos are really great sandals, but they're expensive. At $100, these are the most expensive of the sandals that I recommend. However, they are truly a great product. Not only are they extremely durable, but they are also made in the USA, so at least your money is staying on our soil. These are my favorite pair of shoes that I own. They are surprisingly light, yet offer great support for my foot. I use these for walking the dog, going whitewater rafting and even swimming in the lake. The open toe area is great because you won't get blisters. They fit a wide range of foot sizes and shapes and the straps can be slightly adjusted to fit your foot better. All around, I highly suggest this shoe, as it is extremely functional and durable.


If the Chacos appeal to your lifestyle, you might also want to check out these Teva Hurricane XLT sandals. And by might, I mean you really do. They offer the same amount of functionality that the Chacos do, but at a lower price of $60. If you are worried about the sandal fitting your foot or if you have weird monkey feet like my sister, these sandals have several adjustable straps to really customize the fit and feel of the sandal. Teva also sells the Mush Universal for $40. Basically it has the same sporty straps but has a very foamy and comfortable sole. I highly recommend these sandals as well, but in my experience, they were more comfortable but not as durable as the Chacos.

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