U Chic Approved: Threadless + Freaker USA Koozie Review

I am OBSESSED with koozies — there is no way I can't admit that. But I've always found that I have a hard time finding koozies to fit my bottled beverages.

That's where Freaker USA comes in.

Their koozies slip right on to your bottled beverages and not only are they machine washable, but they're also made in the USA.

I got the koozies sent to me so I could review them and let me say, I just don't know where these have been my entire life! I love how they slip on and off so easily and actually keep your bottle "sweat" at bay.

And not only is the product useful, it looks good, too! Threadless teamed up with Freaker USA for a special line of koozies, which I got to see for myself firsthand.

Here's more about Threadless I learned in a news release:
"We love helping art unknowns become art totally-knowns, which is why every single one of our products carries an artist's name. We support our artist community in every way possible, whether it be through our our annual creative awards, our commission-based award system, or simply by tweeting their name to the world. Lots of our artists have even gone on to start their own companies, and we believe that's a success."

So, not only are you finding a creative way to keep your beverage cold, you're also supporting artists! Definitely a double win!

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