U Chic Approved: Victoria’s Secret ‘So Sexy’ Line

By Rachael Smith, Student at Radford University

Having long hair can be both a blessing and a curse.

When it’s tamed and soft, it flows like angel hair, but once it becomes tangled, I honestly just want to chop it all off.

So how do we fix this never-ending problem? After trying countless products, I finally found the answer … and it’s a cheap one!

Two products from Victoria’s Secret have changed the fate of my hair’s life. These two mystery formulas — both in the "So Sexy" line — have made my hair go from blah to ooh la la!

The first is So Sexy’s Nourish Healthy & Hydrated Moisture Mask. After I have shampooed and conditioned, I put a dollop of the cream in my hair and let it sit for about three minutes. This rinse is perfect for those who have split ends. This product makes my hair feel 100 percent healthier and quenches my hair’s thirst when it’s feeling extra dry. This is the best thing yet because it makes my hair silky, smooth and has a great smell!

A perfect pair to the cream is So Sexy’s Style Tame & Smooth Instant Detangler. Yes, I know it called itself a detangler, but it’s so much more and doesn’t give itself the credit. This stuff rocks, people! After showering, I spray two sprits of this onto my hairbrush and it gets all of my tangles out easily. It also makes my hair extra shiny after blow drying.

Mix it all together and what do you get? Finally some manageable hair for cheap!

Don’t let your hair weigh you down anymore, Cinderella, and get to the ball!

[Image from Victoria’s Secret]

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