U Chic Approved: Vistaprint

By Amanda Cross, Student at the University of Central Arkansas

When I became correspondence chair of my sorority this semester, I knew that I’d be using thank you note cards like nobody’s business.

I wanted super cute cards that were customized to my chapter, so that’s where Vistaprint came into play.

Luckily, at the time, Groupon had a 17 for $70 Groupon to Vistaprint, so I took full advantage and proceeded to stock up on cute cards for my chapter, along with a lot of other cute Vistaprint merchandise.

The great thing about Vistaprint is the amount of options you have. There are so many product options, your head will spin. Vistaprint can customize pens, signs, shirts, envelope seals, business cards, notebooks and basically anything you can think of to make your letters and office supplies stand out above the rest. There are tons of options as far as backgrounds, fonts, papers, colors and other things as well.

If those options don’t work for you, Vistaprint is completely customizable. You can get people to make your backgrounds, you can upload them to Vistaprint and they can print all your awesome designs. You can also add your own logo to things to make them pop. Vistaprint makes it easy to really customize things and you can even order a proof of your design before it is printed.

The greatest thing about Vistaprint are the prices. It’s easy to get cute stuff on basically any budget you have. They have a variety of options on all the products and you can get the basics or you can get a more expensive option, depending on what you need the item for.

Vistaprint will offer you discounted rates for the items that you tend to buy and has tons of sales, like 50 percent off everything, throughout the year.

I highly recommend Vistaprint because of the amazing prices and the quality of the product you’re receiving. There is no reason that college women (or the correspondence chair of a sorority) can’t have super cute personalized products!

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