U Chic Get Hired List: Top 7 Places to Intern in Media

By Guest Blogger Melanie Yvette Martin — Melanie Martin is the Editorial Assistant for EBONY.com and creator of Fabulously Focused. She is a native of Largo, Md., and an alumna of Temple University where she created, produced and hosted her own radio show, Fabulously Focused. After graduating with a B.A. in communications, Melanie set her sights on taking a huge bite out of the Big Apple. Follow Melanie on Twitter @TheFFgal.

I call him the “master of the interns," but you can simply call him Jeff Boodie. The L.A. account manager of new intern recruiting company Intern Sushi has made his way from interning with top media companies to working at “O” Magazine and DreamWorks Productions. Boodie not only understands the trials that we as young adults go through in search of our “professional purpose" — he’s lived it.

For many of us, media has become an industry that we strive to work in. But before we can even dream about working in this industry, we have to face the reality of fighting for an internship.

Many of us have no clue where to begin or where we should even intern. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to sit and chat with Boodie, the master himself, about the best media places you should be looking to get your foot in the door and why. Let’s call them the lucky number seven.

1. DreamWorks Animation:
With free food and a creative environment, what could be better? Saves you some expenses as an intern.

2. Intern Sushi:
Of course I choose us! We're giving interns the opportunity to be hands on to bring ideas to the table and activate those ideas.

3. Guest of a Guest Los Angeles:
Provides you with hands-on experience in fashion and entertainment — two of the hardest industries to get into. If you get this internship, consider yourself lucky!

4. RedBull Records:
Yes, you heard right! RedBull has a record company, and it’s small enough to let young aspiring musicians and music executives get their hands-on training while carrying a brand name recognizable around the world.

With so many locations across the U.S., Redbull Records gives everyone a shot of making it in the music industry. Just know when you leave, you'll certainly have wings!

5. The Onion:
This media outlet speaks for itself. If you're seeking a Web programming degree, start here!

6. NBC Universal:
Hands down, one of the best foot-in-the-door places to learn from the world's greatest in broadcasting and movies. Their internship program is top notch! With offices in L.A. and NYC, everyone has a chance — East and West coasts.

7. DDB:
They were founded on the ideals of Bill Bernbach, who revolutionized advertising and communications with insight into human nature, respect for the consumer and the belief that creativity is the most powerful force in business. That makes them different from the ground up. With emphasis on creativity and humanity, they inspire powerful creative collaboration across borders, across disciplines, and with clients, generating better ideas and better results.

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