U Chic Tuesday Twitter Chats – Coming to a Computer Near You

Want some college advice, in real time? Head over to Twitter on Tuesday nights and join the UChic Twitter Chat. We'll be tagging all posts #UChic so you can join in, introduce yourself, follow – and learn from – our Editorial Board and share your experiences.

Head over to our Staff page to follow the Editorial Board in preparation and be sure to follow @UniversityChic as that's the account that will be moderating the chat along with a different Editorial Board member each month. The chats will be on the same topic for three or four weeks and then we'll create a post on the first Tuesday of the next month with all the responses so you can save them for future reference.

Kara Apel, @Kara_Apel, will be moderating our July 14, July 19 and July 26 chats on the topic of sharing space — how did you start communicating with your roommates, what should you pack?

Have questions beforehand? Tweet them to us, with the hashtag #UChic! 


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