UChic Approved: Calypso Studios Team Jewelry Review

By Kelly Leslie, Student at San Francisco State University

Calling all sports fans and jewelry lovers! Want to find out how to become the most dazzling fashionista at your school’s next game, while still sporting your favorite team colors? If so, you’ll definitely want to know about this!

The Team Jewelry line from Calypso Studios is full of great accessories you won’t want to miss out on. Their affordable, hand-beaded jewelry (available in almost every team color) is the perfect way to WOW the crowd. From necklaces to rings, they’ve got it all!

If you’re a glamor girl who appreciates the timeless look of an elegant strand of beads around your neck, you’ll love the Sundance Necklace (available in long and choker). It’s lightweight and can be paired with almost anything. Wear it casually in the stands of your homecoming game and dress it up at night to meet your friends at the dance. Whether the night is casual or classy, you won’t want to take it off.

Looking for a more casual accessory that you can show off at the tailgate game? The Carnival Pom Pom Ring is a unique look you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Pair it with a few Glass Twist Bracelets and your game face won’t be the only thing turning heads.

Are you the kind of team supporter who loves to wear her colors all year long? The Wrap Bracelet is perfect for you. Hand strung with clay, class or coco beads, this rustic-looking bracelet is perfect for everyday wear. Make sure to grab one for all of your girls and you’ll be the most spirited group on campus.

Like what you see? Make sure to check out Calypso Studios for many more gameday styles!

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