UChic’s Tuesday News You Can Use: Northwestern’s Sex Week

A new feature on UChic, Tuesday's News You Can Use article has all the news that are fit to "type" – the top news articles that will help you understand the world around you and give you something to talk about with friends, co-workers and family members (and heck you might even be able to strike up a conversation with a professor or two).

— Students at Northwestern embrace safe sex this week.

— Late Monday evening a transatlantic airliner (read: HUGE PLANE) crashed into a domestic flight plane at JFK airport. Bloomberg has all the news and perhaps this investigation will lead to some clues about what's been going on at airports in general.

— France outlawed Burqa's – veils worn by Muslim women – and this woman was ticketed for wearing one. Do you think France should be allowed to do this?

— Japan elevates their nuclear crisis to the level of Chernobyl. What does that mean for us? Read it here and find out.

— Here's a blog from England explaining some more details about the Burqa ban.

— Tax day is this Friday (or actually this Monday because of a freaky holiday), are you prepared? Check out Farnoosh Torabi's blog for some information on taxes, paying down debt and preparing yourself for life without the Bank of Mom and Dad.

Pia Toscano lost American Idol, but got a record contract — thoughts?

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