UChic’s Tuesday News You Can Use: UConn Wins!

A new feature on UChic, Tuesday's News You Can Use article has all the news that are fit to "type" – the top news articles that will help you understand the world around you and give you something to talk about with friends, co-workers and family members (and heck you might even be able to strike up a conversation with a professor or two).

— UConn Wins the NCAA Championship – In case you fell asleep before the end of the big game, here's a recap of the outcome.

President Obama officially placed his hat in the ring for the 2012 election, no definitive opponent has been chosen from the GOP.

— A huge data breach compromised the email of millions of customers of some of the nation's biggest retailers – if you're a customer of Chase, Citibank, and now Target and the Mariott, you've probably gotten an email about this.

Oak Beach, in Long Island, seems to be the breeding ground for criminals – or at least their burial ground. Several other bodies have been found and police continue to search for more remains.

— "You want fries with that?" Looking for a job? If you can say that phrase, and meet McDonald's other qualifications, you may be one of the 50,000 workers the food chain plans on hiring – in one day.

— The Dollar stregthens against the Euro, and for all of you planning a semester (or summer) abroad, this is a good thing. Keep close track and remember the best way to shop abroad (for food, clothes or anything else you might need) is with a USA debit card, but check with your bank because the fees might be higher on your home bank's end.

— Salmonella in these Jennie-O Turkey Burgers (about 55,000 pounds have been recalled) is drug resistant. Any thoughts on what this could mean, besides the obvious?

— Think you're lucky that you don't need as much sleep as your roommate? It could be a genetic thing, according to this WSJ article on the Sleepless Elite.

— The radiation in the water running into the oceans in Japan is millions of times over the limit, according to this CNN report. What do you think the governments of the world will do?

— VIDEO: A bit of sunshine in the tragedy, and a big win for dog lovers everywhere, this video showcases a dog being reunited with his owner in Japan after being found in the middle of the ocean floating on a roof that had been swept away. This should brighten your day – as they owner found the dog in the shelter and the dog seems just as happy to see his owner as she is to see him!

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