University of Miami Greeks Assigned Sobriety Monitors Following Spring Sorority Scandal


Following on the heels of three major soroity scandals at Miami University last spring, comes word that the school, administrators and the college's Interfraternity Council have voted on a new list of stricter guidlines that could be applied to other greek organizations nationwide if they prove to be successful.

According to the, fraternity and sororotity events both on AND off campus will now be required to pay for a security detail, have sobriety monitors on hand at all times, and must have an equal number of non-alcoholic events throughout the school year.

The rules were put into place after three sororities were either put on notice or suspended outright following wild parties at the Cincinnati Zoo, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and a nearby lodge late last spring. Officials at each of these facitlies reported the sororities after the sisters and their dates urinated and deficated on property, vomited all over the place, broke glasses, and (were rumored) to have particpated in drunken sexual activity in full public view.

While Miami University is one of the largest (and oldest) greek hotbeds in the country with over one-third of all students active in greek life, the new rulings now apply to ALL student organizations on campus.

(This is where we start humming that old Osmonds song, One Bad Apple…)

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