Updating Your Wardrobe on a Budget

By Jennifer Werner, Student at Radford University

Last year was full of color. Colored jeans, ornate baroque patterns and the increase of vibrant mix-and-match outfits decorated the runway and entered the world of everyday fashion. With the new year upon us, the trends of 2012 are continuing through the months of January and February as we make a gradual transition into the spring and summer fashion trends of 2013.

Fashion forecasters have brought emerald green and deep burgundy shades to the forefront of early 2013 winter fashion. Yet, it is the influx of knee-length belted floral dresses and earthy tones that will be worn this spring and summer by all of the fashionistas around the world.

Collarless blouses and slash-neck tees will be making a comeback.

While pastel aquatic colors are on the list of fashionable colors to wear, it is the Mediterranean, Earth-like colors of burnt orange, red, brown and pastel pink and purple that have emerged as this upcoming season’s fashion must-haves.

Living on a college student's budget can seem like a hindrance when it comes to buying this year’s trendy items, but it doesn’t have to be. By recycling items in your closet and revamping your pre-existing clothes, you can create a whole new look compatible with the 2013 fashion trends.

Switch out old buttons on a jacket or blazer for ones that match the 2013 color palate. After all, blazers and jackets are still fashionable this year. Take one of last year’s bright shirts and pair it with a knee-length floral skirt to create a look that keeps you looking like the trendy fashionista that you are.

Accessories can change almost any outfit from drab to fab. Recycle some of last year’s shirts and add jewelry or a handbag with Mediterranean hues.

Stores like T.J. Maxx offer some of the hottest trends at a fraction of their original price. Modnique and HauteLook offer daily sales on clothes, shoes and accessories. Target is another budget-friendly place to shop to accessorize your wardrobe.

This season, dress to impress on a budget that will keep your wallet full. Looking fabulous and trendy doesn’t have to cost a fortune; just revamp your existing wardrobe and you’re set!

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