Waiting Under the Mistletoe? 10 Ways to Tell if He’s Not That Into You

By Jennifer Werner, Student at Radford University

Let’s face it; no one likes to be unsure of where they stand in a relationship.

With the holiday season right around the corner, the mistletoe hung up and the need for a New Year’s Eve date, the pressure is on. So, while looking for the perfect date, check out the signs to see if he’s really that into you.

Are you still waiting for his call? Has it been a few days since you last heard from him? Does he act like he’s interested in what you’re saying? Here are a few tell-tale signs that he’s really not that interested:

1. Still waiting for him to ask you out? If he says that he just isn’t ready for a relationship after months of “talking” or that he isn’t relationship material, then he’s probably just keeping his options open. If you are a priority, he would make sure that you don’t become the one that got away.

2. He doesn’t pay attention. Don’t you hate when you’re talking to someone and they are focused on their phone or something else? If you’re out on a date and he pays attention to anything and anyone but you, then he’s not really that interested. Find a guy that is attentive and makes you feel like you matter.

3. I thought she was the ex! OK, so some people can manage remaining civil to their exes or even being friends, but if your guy spends a lot of time talking about his ex and/or talking to her, then you should consider that a red flag. If he finds the need to talk about the ex on a regular basis, she’s obviously on his mind and he’s clearly not over her.

4. Not enough action? You shouldn’t feel pressured into rushing into a physical relationship. If he really cares about you, he will respect that you want to wait and won’t try to put you on a guilt trip, especially after just the first date.

5. Have you met his friends? If you’re really a girl that he wants to date, he will introduce you to his friends. If he includes you on outings, then he likes you. Besides, girls aren’t the only ones that want the seal of approval from their friends. So, it’s definitely a good sign if he brings you around his friends.

6. We were supposed to go out, weren’t we? If he says he’s too busy to hang out but makes last-minute plans with his friends and doesn’t text you for three days, chances are he’s avoiding you.

So, instead of worrying if he’s really that into you, go out, have fun with your friends and find a guy that will like you just the way you are. He should treat you the way that your fabulous self deserves!

Image courtesy of photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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