What I Never Thought I’d Miss About College

By Kara Apel, University of South Carolina alumna

After I graduated in May, there were a few things I was dead sure I wouldn’t miss.

Now that I’m out in the “real world” watching everyone else start school this fall, there are more than a few things I’ve realized I’ve changed my mind about.

Going to class
I seriously miss this most of all. As nerdy as it sounds, there’s something kind of cool about going to class each day and knowing you’re going to learn something new about the world around you or to think about things in a different perspective. While some classes are more interesting than others, I miss learning new things and expanding my worldview on a daily basis.

Walking around campus
While I was convinced I would never miss the 15-minute hike I’d have to make from my parking garage to get to class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I was wrong. Not only was I getting some extra exercise in, but it was so uplifting to run into friends and acquaintances as I walked around. Receiving a “Hi!” and a smile from a friend could turn a bad day into an OK one.

Sorority recruitment
Every school does recruitment differently – at my university, it was a marathon. You would be so excited about getting new sisters, but you’d also be extremely exhausted. Not being involved in it this fall is weird to wrap my head around. I’m sad to not have this bonding time with my sisters and that I won’t be able to get to know all of the fabulous new girls who will join our sorority!

On-campus dining
Let’s be real – although it wasn’t the healthiest, it sure as heck was convenient. To be able to grab some sushi or Pizza Hut on your way to class in less than five minutes sure beats having to drive everywhere and plan when/where I’m going to eat each day. Even though I was ridiculously sick of my food choices by the end of four years, I miss it now.

For all of you lucky young women who get to continue college life: I hope you appreciate every moment.

Every single thing I learned or went through in college – from roommate drama to breakups to final exams – has made me a stronger person. I hope you look at each situation that is thrown at you with optimism and live in the present.

Image: wishedauan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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