What I Wish I Would’ve Known: Life Can’t Always Be Organized

By Jill Ravae, Student at Academy of Art University

Had I done things a little differently, I think I would have made things a little easier and more enjoyable for myself.

I am a huge planner and organizer and I always like to be prepared for EVERYTHING. My handbag is proof of that! Even though I can't feel my left arm at times while I'm out and about, I'm the girl you come to if you need anything.

While I feel that being prepared for whatever may come your way is a good thing, sometimes it's fun to let life's little surprises come your way and enjoy the ride that is college!

I always overbought what I thought I would need as far as supplies and clothes and had my schedule/major down to a science. What you find out when you arrive, though, is that everything is different than you thought it would be.

Everyone dresses differently then you planned and the people you initially meet or know prior to starting college may remain in your circle of friends, but most likely, your best memories and friends will come totally unplanned!   

Image: Rawich / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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