What I Wish I Would’ve Known: Take Advantage of School Resources

By Tracey Rector, Alumna of IUPUI

Before I started college, I really wish I would’ve understood the importance of dropping a class you’re struggling with as opposed to taking a bad grade. Also adding to that, the importance of taking a tough class during the summer so it’s the only class you are focusing on.

I struggled with math. So while I was making A’s and B’s in my other classes, having lower math grades kept my GPA down and it took me a while to bring it back up.

I took my last math class during a summer session — and go figure, I got a decent grade.

Secondly, I didn’t look into and take advantage of some of the resources my college had to offer me until toward the end.

They had a great math assistance center that I took advantage of for my last math class. It definitely helped me get a decent grade and had I used it sooner, may not have struggled as much. 

The campus also had a shuttle service I knew about but never wanted to use. When I started using it, it cut down on my travel time so I wasn’t rushing to get from one end of campus to another. It can be really hard to reach the opposite side of campus in 15 minutes!

Thirdly, there was a tunnel that practically got me from one end of campus to the other without going outside! I didn’t realize this until my very last semester. It sounds like I was being lazy, but on the rainy or snowy days, it helped me get from point A to point B much much quicker and I wasn’t soaked by the time I got to class.

So to sum it up, look into what your college has to offer you — both academically and just to make your life easier.


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Image: Matt Banks / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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