What’s a Fun Fearless Female?

By Tracey Rector, Alumna of IUPUI

If you’re a reader of Cosmopolitan magazine or listen to Cosmo Radio on SiriusXM, then the words “Fun Fearless Female” sound familiar to you. But just because it might be a term you’ve never heard before doesn’t mean it can’t apply to you.

We all have it in us; we’re all capable of being fun and fearless – even if you think you can’t. What you think and what you are actually capable of are two different things.

“A fun fearless female is not afraid of her dreams,” said Stephanie Ramos, producer of Cosmo Radio’s Wake Up with Taylor. “A woman who is honest with herself about her strengths and her weaknesses. Someone who is willing to forgive but not willing to sacrifice what she believes in order to make other people happy. She’s fun because she can command a room and is not afraid to make herself look silly. I mean, you only have this life, right?”

You can apply being fun and fearless to your everyday life. The amazing part about human being is we have the capability to do amazing things … we just have to apply ourselves.

Being a Fun Fearless Female isn’t just limited to big undertakings at all. It can be taking the lead on a project or making a bold fashion statement. It’s trying out for the role you’ve always wanted to play, joining a team you’ve always wanted to be a part of or networking to make connections that will help you down the road in your career.

Sure, the “unknown” is scary, especially when you aren’t sure of what the outcome will be. The fear of the unknown tends to hold us back. Finding the fun and fearless part of yourself helps you overcome fear and inspires you to just take the risk anyway.

What’s the worst than can happen? You fall down? You’re told no? It’s embarrassing? Sure, these things aren’t fun.

Here’s a little secret, though (especially if you worry about what other people think). Are you ready? People really only care about themselves. They might think about your fumble for a second there in the moment, but then they go back to thinking about what’s going on in their lives. It’s not selfish; it’s just human nature. As for yourself? Think of what Aaliyah said and “Dust yourself off and try again.”

To Cosmo Radio listener Sarah Thompson, being a Fun Fearless Female is, "Being able to choose your choice, no matter if it goes with the 'norm' or not.”

Kristy Collette Perry added, “A girl who isn’t afraid to be herself. Someone who doesn’t conform to what everyone else is going, wearing, saying, thinking, etc. She embraces her flaws and mistakes and keeps on rolling.”

As for myself, when I find myself in situations I’m unfamiliar or uncomfortable with – yet know I have to do – I remind myself that I can do it. I have to do it and I’ll do it great. I just have to overcome it.

I was always shy growing up, especially as a kid. I would get so nervous when I had to talk to people I didn’t know. It terrified me. Writing was always something I loved and enjoyed, but I never wrote for a publication in grade school or high school. But after high school when I was accepted into college, I chose journalism.

Funny how one of the shyest people on the planet chose a career path that involves talking to people they’ve never met before.

I can’t even begin to tell you how nervous I was during my first couple interviews. However, after I did them, I realized interviewing wasn’t so bad. I had to do the interview to get the story … and it actually was pretty fun.

My writing classes began my sophomore year, and everyone in a writing class had to submit their work to the school’s weekly publication for possible use. I ended up landing a weekly slot that semester writing about one of my favorite topics: animals.

That first year of being a copywriter gave me the confidence to overcome a lot of my shyness. Throughout college I continued to write and also became an editor and managing editor, which involved working and talking with people. Never in a million years did I ever think I could do that.

During my last semester, I faced one of my biggest challenges when I attended a career fair at another college about an hour away from me -completely by myself. I didn’t let my nerves get the best of me and I went. I later followed up with people after it ended. After I graduated and eventually landed the full-time job I have now, which involves writing all day, one of the people I spoke with from a city just outside Indianapolis reached out with me, and for about a year and a half, I wrote part time for their newspaper.

Those experiences helped me learn how to work outside of my comfort zone. Do I still get nervous sometimes? Of course I do! Very much so. But I know I’ll be OK.

Now I didn’t just tell you all of this to brag about myself. One of my weaknesses is shyness, but I’m sure you have your weakness or fear you fight to overcome. That’s when you find the fun and fearless part of yourself and take the leap anyway.

So as you continue on through your college career and graduate, you’re going to hit bumps in the road. You’re going to be told no. There will be times where you won’t get the part, will bomb on a test or won’t make the team. But just because something doesn’t work out doesn’t mean you need to stop trying.

The only way to achieve your goals is to reach for them, no matter how high they are. And of all things, just like the other girls said, you have to stay true to yourself. Conforming to be like everyone else might be the easier thing to do, but it doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

So the next time you have trouble overcoming a fear, ask yourself this: “What would a Fun Fearless Female do?”

Then find it in yourself and just go for it. You’re capable of being fun and fearless … all you have to do is try.

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