Will Work for Work Billboards – Resume of the Future?

Are you a recent graduate looking for a job? Think you're desperate? The question may no longer be "are you desperate," but more "how desperate are you." Alisha Madkins was so desparate that she tied a billboard to herself, after some advice from a homeless man, and walked around Boston for hours looking for a gig. The result? Two job offers and several articles. 

Do you think she's desperate? Madkins says she's determined and that may have paid off, but would you do this. 

In my experience, it's better to showcase your talents rather than make a spectacle of yourself, but perhaps in today's new society fighting for a job will become the norm. The jobless rates are as high as they've ever been and more and more graduates (with mortage-like student loans) are flooding the job market. 

Share your thoughts with us on this. 

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