A Windy Transition: Fall Scarves

Fall is about to take a windy turn on, and the best way to transition into the season is by adding scarves to our outfits! They go great with any type of jacket or cardigan. They are also easy to store in your bag in case you’re not sure how cold it’s going to get one day.

Printed scarves have been the trend for a couple of years now, but our favorite retail stores come out with many options for us every couple of weeks.

GAP has this bird scarf that comes in blue or gray. It’s very colorful and sure to match something in your wardrobe.

A perfect way to add a scarf to any outfit is by wearing a solid white tee and jeans. This geometric scarf from GAP adds on that touch of color as your walking through campus.

JCrew has also added this microspun jersey scarf. A very neutral scarf made to wear with black. Since it’s so simple it can be thrown on any day. This scarf is great for those days to the library to study.

Circle scarves are also a great trend to add to your wardrobe. There are many out there that are sure to add to your personal style. This unisex circle scarf from American Apparel is simple enough to add such a big twist to any outfit. It comes in a variety of colors and prints.

For a more feminine and bohemian look, Anthropologie has this scalloped pointelle loop circle scarf. It comes in orange, pink and yellow.


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