Would You Date a Dude From Harvard?


In a world where the “Millionaire Matchmaker” can have a hit TV show based upon pairing wealthy men with hot women, it’s no surprise that there are now websites for the rest of us that can do the same.DateHarvardSq  is a popular dating site that matches male Harvard graduates with women who desire an “educated” (read: wealthy) man. The site seems to be gaining in popularity (they even offer a “testimonial” section so others can see how well the service works!), despite the fact that their message seems completely off-putting.

When it comes to the dating world, I understand how difficult it can be to find “the one”. I also understand the allure of  (legitimate) dating sites- they connect people with similar interests and values, which can be a savior for people who are super-busy, or who have been out of the dating game for a while. However, sites like DateHarvardSq seem utterly ridiculous and debasing. In my perfect world, every man with a degree from Harvard wants a woman who is just as intelligent as him – someone he can have stimulating conversation with. Supermodel looks are just the added bonus and second to smarts. Though my dream world seems nice, I guess it's unrealistic. Some Harvard grads want a beauty to show off to their friends,  or maybe they're looking for a partner that will be submissive. If that is the case, then DateHarvardSq may be the perfect site for them.

I'm sure there are a few women who utilize the site to find a man who is smart, sophisticated, and talented- a partner who is just like them. I'm also positive there are some gold digger typs who use the site to seek out wealthy men. In general, I think the site is ridiculous and completely aimed at finding men some fabulous arm candy to display in their homes. Men can use the site for free (so long as they have a Harvard degree) while women have to pay to use the service. Any smart, intelligent woman looking for a smart intelligent man knows better than to pay to find one.

She can hold her own at business meetings and client dinners- and is more than able to chat up a Harvard grad all on her own. And if a Harvard man is really looking for something to display on his shelf, he should hit the mall — NOT a dating site.

– Stephanie Vacchio, Union College

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