Hispters and College Tech Geeks Force AT&T to Halt Online Sales of iPhones in NYC

One of the great things about living and going to school in NYC is the quick and easy technology you have at your fingertips. One of the things that sucks about living and going to school there is everybody has or wants all the latest tech gadgets, which inevitably leads to consumer overload – literally.

Gizmodo, the popular techology (and sometimes conspiracy) blog, recently uncovered an interesting factoid: People with NYC mailing addreses trying to purchase an iPhone through At&T online are being told e-purchases are no longer available. Why you ask? While AT&T customer service is sketchy on the exact details, all signs point to two popular theories. The first being some big unspoken online scam, and the second suggesting that maybe those Verizon commericals with Luke Wilson touting the fact that Verizon’s network is WAY better than AT&T’s might actually hold some kernel of truth.

So what does this mean for all those poor Columbia and NYU students stranded in the dorms with no singal and barely a bar to get by on? Time to suck up to your NJ and CT classmates, kiddies. Otherwise it looks like you’re spending your next free Saturday trooping through the snow to the nearest AT&T store where you’ll earn your place in line right next to the rest of the Mac addicts.


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